Admissions 2017-2018
Students must pass the admission test in order to be accepted to York Islamic School.

For 2017-18 school year, students  who are candidates for admission, will be contacted for assessment.  The full registration package will be emailed to candidate parents.

For candidates who have been contacted by the office for potential admission to York Islamic School, please print the registration package or pickup one from the office. Please take note;
All candidate students will be assessed before admission can be granted.
JK, SK and grade 1 candidates’ assessment will be administered one to one by our teaching staff. Parents are not part of this assessment process.
Grades 2 to 8 candidates will have a written assessment and may involve a personal interview.
Assessment results will be communicated to parents via email. The result can be one of  the following:
Admission granted
Conditional admission granted
Admission declined
Re-assessment required
For those who want to apply for subsidy from MAC Education Fund, please check your eligibility. MAC Education Fund Application and criteria.


Application Forms

​1. Fill the following forms

A. Registration Form

B. Financial Agreement

C. Parental Agreement

2. Attach a copy of the following in addition to the filled forms:

    A. Birth Certificate/Citizenship/Passport
    B. Health Card
    C. Immunization Record
​    D. Latest Report Card

After all of the above has been completed, our office will contact the applicant indicating whether the application has been accepted or not.