Ruby Fatima

Ruby Fatima, Vice Principal

Ruby is a conscientious leader and an educator, who is concerned about students' well-being, life skills and academic performance. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) from York University and she also has Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology.
Ruby establishes a great connection with students, their parents and teachers to promote collaborative education system and to maximize students' learning abilities. Her experience in Counselling Psychology is an asset in establishing student trust and self-esteem. She is driven to empower the school environment in order to develop 21st Century skills with strong Islamic values.
Furthermore, Ruby has completed Islamic Teacher Education Program-ITEP from (OISE) University of Toronto with the intent to infuse Islamic values into the daily curriculum. 
As a Vice-principal of the school she is focused on the development of students' capabilities and character. 
With a strong partnership with parents and the community at large, she is determined to create global citizens and contributing members of the community.