Why YIS?

With plenty of private/ Islamic schools available in Toronto, why should you choose York Islamic School for your child?

Our staff is trained and qualified, our teachers are Ontario Certified and equipped with strategies to design their classroom programs by integrating Islamic character education with the Ontario Curriculum Documents. Monthly forecasts will be shared though our very informative and colorful school newsletters. Apart from the use of agendas to communicate with parents, we use a technologically advanced means of communication to share our learning through pictures and inform parents of tests and assignments. This ensures our strength as team. We believe that educating children in a partnership between students, teachers, school, parents and the community.

Along with the key components of Islamic Education, York Islamic School offers something unique that is rare to find at any other school. Our staff is trained to practice and believe in the soul responsibility of the holistic development of the child. This means that learning is not limited to the classroom. Our daily interactions and behaviours are an example and model of what we want the students to learn and imbibe. We work as a team to ensure our students are conscientious and well rounded to become contributing citizens for Canada and the world at large.

Additionally, the student as young as kindergarten to grade 3 will come home knowing a lot of Islamic knowledge and will learn the importance of Salaah and Dhikir. Alhumdulilah, Quran and Arabic provides the student the confidence to recite Quran properly and understand our deen.

We are proud at York Islamic School to introduce French at an early age for our students. In our school the students have French every week where they learn basic French vocabulary through games and adapted activities. We have a dedicated program for students from grade 1-8 achieving and going beyond the Ontario curriculum expectation, allowing them to have a better grasp of the second official language in Canada.

We believe that your choice of York Islamic School you can give your children the best knowledge that will benefit them for life.

We believe that York Islamic School is the best choice for your child learning.