Core Program

York Islamic School’s aim is to prepare students to be confident learners to become productive and contributing members of our community. The language program consists of a combination of reading, writing strategies and comprehension building to help students to become competent readers and writers. Technology is integrated in our language program to extend reading to home using the school-wide RAZ Reading program, where students are assessed, monitored and supported by teachers and parents to become confident readers. Students also strengthen their vocabulary through weekly spelling tests. Participation in the inter-school and community spelling Bee, strengthens their ability to spell and develops their confidence. EQAO preparation is integrated through the year with meaningful experiences and test taking strategies

Arabic and Quran

Apart from the overall upbringing of the child, one of the most important advantage of York Islamic School Islamic is that every student learns Arabic and Quran. York Islamic School is committed to provide a challenging academic program and facilitate students to understand and memorize Quran. The overall program is designed to help students memorize two Juz through Grade 1 to Grade 8. Focusing on reading, understanding, memorizing and practicing at least quarter of a Juz each school year.