Core Program

York Islamic School’s aim is to prepare students to be confident learners to become productive and contributing members of our community. The language program consists of a combination of reading, writing strategies and comprehension building to help students to become competent readers and writers. Technology is integrated in our language program to extend reading to home using the school-wide RAZ Reading program, where students are assessed, monitored and supported by teachers and parents to become confident readers. Students also strengthen their vocabulary through weekly spelling tests. Participation in the inter-school and community spelling Bee, strengthens their ability to spell and develops their confidence. EQAO preparation is integrated through the year with meaningful experiences and test taking strategies


Our mathematics program provides the students with opportunities to learn in an engaging environment that are practical and relevant to their lives. Students are engaged in hands-on activities that enhance their understanding of concepts, problem,-solving, analytical skills and technological skills. They learn to apply the mathematical concept and explore those further using interactive math tools online.

Our goal is to offer a well-rounded academic program that will help the students for life. It will prepare and guide students to become good and respectable citizens. York Islamic School provides core subjects in language art, mathematics, science and social studies following the Ontario curriculum expectations. Additional subjects such as Islamic studies, physical education, Arabic and Quran are taught by specialized teachers.